Sisters Forever


I love Shopkins !

My sister and I like these toys called Shopkins.

They are little store items that have cute tiny faces!

I really like to collect little things such as Littlest Pet Shops, Shopkins, figurines and so on.

By Shining Ruby

Littlest Pet Shops

We love Littlest Pet Shops. They are a really cool toy. They are little pets you can get little accessories for. We made a bunch of rooms for all our pets in our closet bookshelf. The picture below is our hotel for pets. It has a few pets inside. I think it’s really cool. Do you see the grumpy cat in the little basket? He’s really funny. I also like the fish tank with the pink seaweed. It even came with a little fish you can put inside it.

The picture above is my dog’s room. I really like it. I designed it myself. I like the bed which has a rockstar pillow and a cloud blanket. It has a bedside table with a pinky dog clock and a laptop I made. It also has a shelf my sister made for me with a basket and her guitar. At the end of the bed there is a fun TV.

The picture below has my sisters cats’ room. This is a room I really like. It has a nice makeup table with lots of necklaces and things they can wear. On the right, there is the white cat’s side of the room, and on the left, the orange cat’s. At the end of the white cats bed, there’s a toy deer and a purple and pink tv. The orange cat has a cool desk with her laptop and some coffee. It also has a crown poster, and a heart carpet on the floor.

This is the bunny’s room. Her name is Linda. It has a piano with a ladybug on top. The chair with the pillow is her bed. She has a table with a cage for her pet bird. And a nice comfy chair for the piano with a cool pattern. My sister made her bow and her skirt.

This is the dog’s room. His name is Henry. He has a cool bed and at the end there’s a radio and his phone. There’s a little table with a book and a lap top. He has a nice fireplace with his black and blue collar on top. He also has trophy.

Here below is the kitchen. It has a cool little stove and a sink, and a table with a fruit shish-kabob on the plate that my big sister made. There’s also come food on the right and a bubble gum machine. On the left there’s a play area for the baby littlest pet shops.

Here’s the living room with the couch, fireplace and table. It also has a TV. Hope you enjoyed seeing our littlest pet shops house!


Me and my sisters are doing a writing project called Mooville. It’s a writing course. Today we did the first assignment which was to create a character for a story we are doing in the other assignments. For our character we made it about a funny pig. I made it not not realistic because in the story my pig is 5000 years old and is a police pig! And also she loves to chase bad guys and walk them with her cane. 

Her name is Granny! And her best friend is called Grandpa Rooster. The writing course is helpful because it asks you a bunch of questions to help you make your character. Another question was what’s her favourite food. We thought it would be funny to say “mud soup with corn in it.” 

This writing course is helpful if you struggle with writing stories. It makes you go step by step to plan out your story. When all of us are done we are going to have fun eating popcorn and reading our stories to each other. 

By Ancient Emerald


A happy feeling is something

that grows inside your heart.


It doesn’t come from a cupcake, a candy or a tart–

it comes from the soft summer breeze

blowing through your hair,

or a happy little feeling

of the smooth winter air.


No matter where you are,

there will be happiness on each side–

look around right now

and you’ll see there’s a lot to provide!




By Shining Ruby