A happy feeling is something

that grows inside your heart.


It doesn’t come from a cupcake, a candy or a tart–

it comes from the soft summer breeze

blowing through your hair,

or a happy little feeling

of the smooth winter air.


No matter where you are,

there will be happiness on each side–

look around right now

and you’ll see there’s a lot to provide!




By Shining Ruby



The rain is fun

but then out comes the sun.

The rain is done

and then we can go out and run!


By Ancient Emerald

Jackson the Dog

Jackson is the best,

he is not like all the rest.

When he wants me to rub his tummy

I think it is rather funny.

He doesn’t make lots of sounds

because he is not very loud.

He is such a good dog,

he makes me very proud.


by: Ancient Emerald