Me and my sisters are doing a writing project called Mooville. It’s a writing course. Today we did the first assignment which was to create a character for a story we are doing in the other assignments. For our character we made it about a funny pig. I made it not not realistic because in the story my pig is 5000 years old and is a police pig! And also she loves to chase bad guys and walk them with her cane. 

Her name is Granny! And her best friend is called Grandpa Rooster. The writing course is helpful because it asks you a bunch of questions to help you make your character. Another question was what’s her favourite food. We thought it would be funny to say “mud soup with corn in it.” 

This writing course is helpful if you struggle with writing stories. It makes you go step by step to plan out your story. When all of us are done we are going to have fun eating popcorn and reading our stories to each other. 

By Ancient Emerald


Our Garden

One of our fun projects this year is making our garden. It is growing very well. These are some of the things we planted: corn, potatoes, water melon, zucchini and lots more. The zucchini is growing very, very well. Here are some pictures of our garden:



The big picture is the zucchini. Underneath it are the watermelon, potatoes, and roses. Our grandpa helped build the raised garden beds. He got really good soil to go in it but it was stinky from cow manure.  It took a long time to scoop up all the soil to fill the beds. My little brother likes watering the garden every morning. My big sister made a little fairy garden close to the plants; it looks nice.

Do you have a garden? You should! It’s fun!


By: Ancient Emerald