Jackson the Dog

Jackson is the best,

he is not like all the rest.

When he wants me to rub his tummy

I think it is rather funny.

He doesn’t make lots of sounds

because he is not very loud.

He is such a good dog,

he makes me very proud.


by: Ancient Emerald

Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House books are great. I like them because the stories are really fun and adventurous. Also the club for Magic Tree House is really fun. They also have Magic Tree House plays. The person who wrote the books is called Mary Pope Osborne.

The main characters in the story are some kids called Jack and Annie. They are brother and sister. Annie is very imaginative and Jack is really smart, and they often have to save each other. For example, once they were trapped in a castle and Annie remembered that there were no flashlights in the medieval times, and that she had one. She flashed it at the guards and said,”This is my magic wand! Step back!” So the bad guys got scared and ran away.

There are fact-trackers about the Magic Tree House Book–with real facts about the places that Jack and Annie go to. I read books where they went on adventures with dinosaurs, ninjas, medieval times, pirates, the rainforest, mummies, the ice age, and the moon! Jack and Annie are modern kids from our time, but they get to travel to different times. I really love these books and I think you should read them, too! They are good for kids about age 7-10.

By Ancient Emerald


Rain and Nature

The rain drops like manna in Moses’s time.

It’s a gift sent from God, my Lord divine.

The rain gives the flowers a new beginning–

they burst open in colour like the song birds are singing.

A dew drop will do for a beautiful crown,

that goes on a flower that grows in the ground.


by Shining Ruby